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Person County Manager, Heidi York

Everything is Better in Person!  As you navigate websites or review any of the paraphernalia related to Person County, you will undoubtedly see this motto/mantra.  It is everywhere, and for me as County Manager, it has become more than a motto; it has served as a theme of my career.  Embracing and living the idea that “everything is better in Person” has helped me find success as a manager, has fueled my desire to live and work in Person County, and has helped me develop my distinct leadership style- what I like to espouse as leadership through gratitude.

I have had the distinct privilege of being a public servant leader for over sixteen years.  I’ve spent over half of that time serving as the County Manager for Person County- a role that I love.  You see, the Person County Board of County Commissioners took a chance on me.  I don’t look like any of the previous county managers, I don’t look like any of my board members.  At the time that I was hired, I was one of the only young, female, county managers serving in the State of North Carolina.  And while that may have felt lonely for me at times, it had to have felt risky for the Board that hired me.  I had never worked in a rural setting, had never worked directly for five elected officials.  And I experienced first-hand that some members of the community weren’t exactly sure how to interact with me.  And that is one of the things that I love most about Person County.  There is opportunity here.  There is a willingness to accept change. It takes courage to change course and try different directions.  So while my Board took a chance on me as somewhat of an anomaly among leaders, I had the pleasure of also being able to tout at the young age of thirty-one, that two of my five commissioners were actually younger than me.  That tells me that this is a community willing to give young people a chance; willing to allow young, ambitious, shining stars to lead.  You don’t find that everywhere.  I continue to break the mold and challenge expectations because I have chosen to absolutely love this job, to invest in this community and enjoy the possibilities for my family to grow here in Person County.

Many of the stereotypes that I brought along with me coming from an urban, high growth community, were proven wrong.  I am surrounded by some of the smartest, professionals that I have ever encountered.  What makes Person County better?  The people.  I unequivocally know that the best part of serving as Person County’s Manager is the people that I get to work with every day, whether that’s my colleagues, or the business leaders here, the industries we have, or the prospects considering whether Person County is right for them.  I’ve never had a boring day at this job.  Each day brings new opportunities, new challenges, and convinces me that it truly is Better in Person.

Heidi York

Heidi York

Person County Manager

This post was authored by Person County Manager, Heidi York. To learn more about the Person County Manager and the duties of her office, visit the County Manager’s page on the Person County website.