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Person County, North Carolina was formed from a portion of Caswell County in 1791. It is named for General Thomas Person, an officer in the Revolutionary War. The only municipality in the county is the county seat, Roxboro, which has a population of 8,350. Person County has a population of 39,259, and is a part of the Durham-Chapel Hill MSA. Person County has a median household income of $43,381.

Person County 90 Min. DriveNorth CarolinaUSAPerson County 90 Min.DriveNorth CarolinaUSA
Population Annual Average Growth61.7%1.4%0.8%52,323133,7402,590,222
Median Age2,4———37.437.437.2
Under 18 Years423.8%23.9%24.0%761,5862,281,63574,181,467
18 to 24 Years410.0%9.8%9.9%319,530938,61830,672,088
25 to 34 Years413.2%13.1%13.3%422,2551,246,59341,063,948
35 to 44 Years414.4%13.9%13.3%460,7971,327,15141,070,606
45 to 54 Years414.7%14.4%14.6%469,6751,368,64645,006,716
55 to 64 Years411.8%11.9%11.8%376,6911,138,76136,482,729
65 to 74 Years46.9%7.3%7.0%221,266697,56721,713,429
75 Years, and Over45.4%5.6%6.0%173,026536,51218,554,555
Race: White465.9%68.5%72.4%2,113,3726,528,950223,553,265
Race: Black or African American424.1%21.5%12.6%771,2522,048,62838,929,319
Race: American Indian and Alaska Native40.5%1.3%0.9%16,159122,1102,932,248
Race: Asian43.1%2.2%4.8%98,774208,96214,674,252
Race: Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander40.0%0.1%0.2%1,2616,604540,013
Race: Some Other Race44.3%4.3%6.2%136,710414,03019,107,368
Race: Two or More Races42.1%2.2%2.9%67,298206,1999,009,073
Hispanic or Latino (of any race)48.3%8.4%16.3%265,104800,12050,477,594
Person County 90 Min. DriveNorth CarolinaUSAPerson County 90 Min.DriveNorth CarolinaUSA
Labor Force Participation Rate and Size (civilian population 16 years and over)64.0%61.8%63.3%1,695,1844,826,193158,897,824
Armed Forces Labor Force0.1%1.1%0.4%2,27782,9151,015,464
Veterans, Age 18-645.6%6.6%5.5%118,411403,06410,750,884
Median Household Income2———$51,938$46,868$53,889
Per Capita Income2———$27,855$25,920$28,930
Poverty Level (of all people)15.7%17.4%15.5%507,7481,667,46547,749,043
Households Receiving Food Stamps12.7%14.6%13.2%162,735552,53915,399,651
Mean Commute Time (minutes)———24.323.925.9
Commute via Public Transportation1.4%1.1%5.1%21,07248,6007,362,038
Union Membership32.5%2.5%11.1%———
Educational Attainment, Age 25-64      
Person County 90 Min. DriveNorth CarolinaUSAPerson County 90 Min.DriveNorth CarolinaUSA
No High School Diploma11.5%12.3%11.8%204,541638,27319,736,243
High School Graduate23.3%25.2%26.4%414,8991,307,60443,982,863
Some College, No Degree20.7%22.7%21.7%369,3641,173,87836,187,232
Associate's Degree8.9%9.8%8.8%159,076509,44014,742,654
Bachelor's Degree22.6%19.9%19.9%402,9991,030,47533,245,950
Postgraduate Degree13.0%10.1%11.4%232,241521,43918,952,103
Person County 90 Min. DriveNorth CarolinaUSAPerson County 90 Min.DriveNorth CarolinaUSA
Total Housing Units———1,446,3274,417,210133,351,840
Median House Value (of owner-occupied units)2———$174,215$154,900$178,600
Homeowner Vacancy2.0%2.3%1.9%17,36557,8031,492,691
Rental Vacancy6.8%7.6%6.4%33,012110,5252,949,366
Renter-Occupied Housing Units (% of Occupied Units)34.4%34.9%36.1%442,0821,316,50942,214,214
Occupied Housing Units with No Vehicle Available (% of Occupied Units)6.3%6.5%9.1%81,059246,06910,628,474
Person County 90 Min. DriveNorth CarolinaUSAPerson County 90 Min.DriveNorth CarolinaUSA
Enrolled in Grade 12 (% of total population)1.3%1.3%1.4%44,617131,3584,451,334
Disconnected Youth63.2%3.7%3.0%5,85619,543518,859
Children in Single Parent Families (% of all children)35.9%37.3%34.8%263,795808,60824,408,909
Disabled, Age 18-6410.1%11.6%10.3%210,466697,80719,985,588
Disabled, Age 18-64, Labor Force Participation Rate and Size39.7%38.2%41.0%83,542266,6798,185,456
Foreign Born9.0%7.7%13.2%300,192758,02141,717,420
Speak English Less Than Very Well (population 5 yrs and over)5.1%4.8%8.6%160,121441,96925,410,756
Source: JobsEQ®
1, ACS 2011-2015, unless noted otherwise
2, Median values for certain aggregate regions (such as MSAs) may be estimated as the weighted averages of the median values from the composing counties.
3, 2014; Current Population Survey, unionstats.com, and Chmura; county- and zip-level data are best estimates based upon industry-, MSA-, and state-level data
4, Census 2010
5, Disconnected Youth are 16-19 year olds who are (1) not in school, (2) not high school graduates, and (3) either unemployed or not in the labor force.
6, Census 2015, annual average growth rate since 2005
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