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Workforce Training

There are a number of programs available to assist existing and new companies seeking workforce training needs in Person County. Piedmont Community College is be the local venue to assist businesses with job awareness and outreach strategies, online job posts, recruitment training videos, job fairs and on-campus recruiting. The local NC Works Career Center offers a variety of employee services that help companies find employees with the skills they need to be successful. Additionally, the regional NC Works center is located within the offices of another of our affiliates, the Kerr Tar Council of Governments.

Once those employees are found, our local NC Works Career Center, operated by Piedmont Community College facility, will also provide application screening, employment consultants, various local facilities and training equipment to new and expanding businesses at no charge. Our high schools and Piedmont Community College have students taking WorkKeys assessments and we can assist in employee testing programs.

Finally, the State of North Carolina will assist new and expanding industry with customized training funding so that Piedmont Community College and all resources can be brought forward to assist in new pre-employment training with the support of the North Carolina Community College Customized Training Program.

Other programs also include apprenticeships programs and Incumbent Worker Training grants to support on-the-job training. The Incumbent Worker Training Grant reimburses companies for the cost of training their workers, for $10,000 per grant cycle.

Piedmont Community College also has a multitude of short-term occupational skill training courses offered through their continuing education program.

Payroll Costs by Industry

IndustriesSalaryNumber of EmployeesTotal Salaries
Manufacturing$51,200.00 1200$61,440,000.00
Government$36,036.00 1700$61,261,200.00
Retail Trade$20,592.00 1495$30,785,040.00
Educational Services$34,164.00 760$25,964,640.00
Construction$40,456.00 485$19,621,160.00
Wholesale Trade$41,392.00 364$15,066,688.00
Accommodation and Food Services$12,116.00 797$9,656,452.00
Administrative and Waste Services$27,976.00 325$9,092,200.00
Professional and Technical Services$37,960.00 196$7,440,160.00
Finance and Insurance$36,244.00 186$6,741,384.00
Other Services$25,896.00 112$2,900,352.00
Transportation & Public Utilities$57,512.00 43$2,473,016.00
Real Estate Rental and Leasing$23,556.00 40$942,240.00

Educational Attainment

Under – 12 Years – 18.67%

12 Years Only – 37.40%

Some College – 20.24%

Associate Degrees – 9.79%

16 Years Only – 10.16%

Over 16 Years – 3.73%